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Travel with peace of mind with your personal belongings

Note: Remember to first notify Malindo Air that your baggage did not arrive at your flight’s end-point. We will then provide the tracking information (PIR) needed to file a report with Blue Ribbon Bags. All missing baggage must be reported to Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hours of your flight's landing time.

About Delayed Baggage Service

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Steps to purchase

1. Choose desired flight
2. Select "Delayed Baggage Service" Ancillary
3. Proceed to payment method

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Delayed Baggage Service by Blue Ribbon Bag?
Delayed Baggage Service is an additional ancillary service to locate a passenger's baggage in the event it goes missing or gets delayed. If the baggage is still missing/delayed up to 96 hours upon filing a report, you will be compensated USD 1,000 per bag, up to two bags.

What do I do if I have already purchased Delayed Baggage Service and have lost my baggage?
Before submitting a report to BRB, you MUST file a Passenger Irregularity Report (PIR) with Malindo Air for the missing/delayed checked baggage before leaving the airport.
Submit a report to BRB via this link http://malindoair.blueribbonbags.com/

How much compensation can I claim?
BRB will compensate passenger USD1,000 per bag, for up to 2 bags per passenger. Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer here for details.

How do I purchase Delayed Baggage Service?
You can purchase this additional ancillary while booking your flight on Malindo Air's website. You will be prompted in the booking journey. Alternatively, if you've already purchased your ticket, simply log on to Manage My Booking on Malindo Air to add the service.