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In-Flight Meal

Delight and treat yourself to our selection of scrumptious Malaysian delicacies entirely designed with our guests in mind.

With effect from 15 MAY 2019

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"Consumption of outside food is not allowed"

Special Meals

Malindo Air is pleased to make arrangements for passengers with special dietary requirements. Passengers may pre-order special meals by contacting our Call Center at (Contact Us link) or at the nearest Ticketing Office 24 hours before flight.

Passengers may request the following special meals offered by Malindo Air - please quote your preferred meal code upon request:

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Peanut/Nut products Allergy

Malindo Air understands the needs of some of its passengers who may have allergic reactions to peanuts or other nuts. Due to the nature of our operations, Malindo Air is unable to provide any guarantees for a peanut/nut free environment to its passengers in the aircraft as well as in the oher locations where the passengers will be using or passing through before and after the flights.

  • Peanut/Nut-free Aircraft cabin

    Malindo Air would not be in a position to confirm that other passengers in the flights operated by the aircraft would not have peanut/nut products and it will not be possible for Malindo Air to prevent passengers from bringing their own peanut/nut products on board or prevent them from consuming them.
    Malindo Air conducts its regular aircraft and cabin cleaning at each stop. However, there will be no guarantee that all peanuts/nuts residue from the previous flights have been completely removed. Where passengers have medical documents showing such conditions, Malindo Air may allow such passengers to board the aircraft on priority to enable them to use their own wipes to clean their own seats.

  • Peanut/Nut-free meals

    Malindo Air cannot provide guarantees that meals are completely peanut/nut-free. Whilst Malindo Air will cater peanut/nut free meals requested, it cannot guarantee that there was no cross contamination as the meals may have been prepared in many different locations and inflight suppliers. We advise passengers with such conditions to carry their own food items that does not require heating or chilling. Passengers are also advised to check with Health, Quarantine and Airport authorities, on the rules enforced so as to ensure that they will be allowed to carry their food for onboard consumption.

  • Peanut/Nut snacks

    Malindo Air does serve peanuts/nuts as part of its service. Passengers can request Malindo Air not to offer peanut/nuts and cocktails which may contain nut products for the cabin in which they are travelling. Malindo Air will do its best to meet the passengers request provided Malindo Air receives documented evidence no less than 96 hours before the scheduled departure. This will only relate to cocktail snacks. Passengers are advised that meals served to other passengers may not be peanut/nut free.

    Physician’s advise

    Passengers with such conditions are advised to seek the advise of their Physician prior to their travel and ensure that they carry their own medical supplies needed as the airline does not carry special needs for such conditions.
    Malindo Air declares that it will NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR CLAIMS for any incident as it is unable to guarantee a nut-free environment in the aircraft as well in public places used at airports prior to departure or upon arrival at the destination.

    • Wearing a medical alert bracelet;
    • Carrying appropriate anaphylaxis treatment prescribed by their physician that can be self administered, including ready-for-use epinephrine (Epi-pens) or other medications. Travel companions, guardians or family members are expected to administer treatment should it be required. If they are not available, the affected passenger is expected to self-administer prescribed treatment specifically prescribed by their physician. Due to the heightened security environment, if passengers are advised by their physician to carry a syringe or medication in their carry-on luggage, they should obtain a letter from their physician to certify this. Please also ensure that ALL medications are professionally labelled with the passenger’s name and the medication name clearly identified.