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How to use the Inflight Mobile Phone Service

Just follow these easy steps to connect to the Mobile Network

  • Set your phone to ‘vibrate’ mode, talk quietly and be considerate of fellow passengers.
  • Remember to use the country code when dialling or sending an SMS message eg. +60 for Malaysia.

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    Malindo Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Malindo’s in ight mobile network?

      Answer :
      Malindo Mobile network is a roaming service onboard selected Malindo aircraft. The service, which allows passengers to safely use their mobile phones in ight. The mobile network provider is AeroMobile a Panasonic company.

    • How does this new service a ect cabin crew procedures?

      Answer :
      The most important role for Cabin crew is announcing that this new service is available. Please follow the new Malindo Air PA procedures if you are on a connected flight.

    • How will I know if Mobile phone services are available on my flight?

      Answer :
      If the mobile phone service is available it will be included in your pre- ight brie ng. You will nd the ‘eXPhone’ services in the IFE control panel.

    • When can I use the Mobile phone service?

      Answer :
      The Malindo Mobile network is available when the aircraft reaches cruising altitude (20,000 feet), usually around 15-20 minutes into the ight. It is automatically disabled during takeo and landing.

    • How do I use the Malindo Mobile service?

      Answer :
      Malindo Mobile phone service works exactly the same as when you roam in another country. Just turn on your phone and it will automatically connect to the in ight network, as long as your home Mobile Operator has a roaming agreement with AeroMobile. To use the mobile network make sure that you have Airplane Mode turned-o and Data Roaming turned-on.

    • What happens if a passenger can’t use the service?

      Answer :
      In order to access the AeroMobile service a passenger must:-
      • Have roaming enabled on their phone
      • Subscribe to a network that has a roaming agreement with AeroMobile (see attached list)
      • Ensure their handset is not in ‘Airplane mode’.
      • If a passenger wants to use data services on their mobile they will need to switch-o the phones Wi-Fi connection.
      • Have a GSM capable handset.

    • Where can I direct passengers if they require more information?

      Answer :
      There is a seat back card available on all connected aircraft. Passengers can also be directed to visit www.aeromobile.net if they are online. For customer service issues and pricing questions, the passengers should be directed to their home operator.

    • Is the service available for the entire ight?

      Answer :
      Once the aircraft is above 20,000ft the service is available subject to satellite coverage. However, due to current regulations, the service is de-activated whilst ying over China.

    • How do I know if my home Mobile Operator has a roaming agreement with AeroMobile?

      Answer :
      AeroMobile as the mobile network operator of Malindo Mobile has roaming agreements with hundreds of Mobile Operators around the world. If you’re online you can check at www.AeroMobile.net. If you’re in a connected plane, just switch on your phone.

    • Do i have to register to do it?

      Answer :
      No, all you have to do is switch-on your phone and connect. You can use your phone as you normally would.

    • What services can I use on Malindo Mobile?

      Answer :
      You can send and receive SMS, make and receive calls and use mobile data for email, browsing and apps. Bear in mind that some Smart phones use data passively even if you are not actively using an application.

    • Does it work everywhere in the world?

      Answer :
      The Mobile phone services use satellite technology, which means you’re pretty much covered all over the world.

    • How will I be charged?

      Answer :
      Billing works exactly the same as when you use your phone in another country. The price is set by your home operator and will appear on your mobile phone bill. Most Operators also send you a free pricing SMS as soon as you connect to the AeroMobile network. You may need to buy a roaming package or bundle, depending on your Operator.

    • If I am a pre-paid user, will it work?

      Answer :
      Yes, as long as your Operator has a pre-paid roaming agreement with AeroMobile and you have international roaming enabled.

    • Who do I contact if I have any questions about the charges on my bill?

      Answer :
      You will need to contact your Mobile Operator with any billing queries.

    • Is it safe?

      Answer :
      Using your mobile phone in ight on the AeroMobile network is safe; the AeroMobile system has been thoroughly tested and is approved for use by aviation authorities around the world.


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