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08 June 2015
by Batik Air Malaysia by Batik Air Malaysia

SEPANG, 4 JUN 2015 – Malaysia’s hybrid airline, Malindo Air, today launches its new in-flight connectivity services, Malindo WiFi and Malindo Mobile which rolled out on 18 May last month on the airline’s Boeing 737-900ER. The airline also launched its official in-flight magazine, MALINDOMAG at the event which was held at klia2 this morning. These come after the initial announcement last year that the airline will deliver its promise of providing access to wireless calls and connection services to its passengers.

A WiFi-enabled test flight will take off today with journalists, corporate guests and other passengers on a commercial flight to Kota Kinabalu.

With the launch of the connectivity services onboard, users will be able to browse the Web, check emails on-the-go, update social media feeds, send and receive texts and make and receive voice calls. Malindo Air joins the ranks of other top global carriers such as Emirates and Virgin Atlantic, providing paid access to a WiFi hotspot and mobile roaming network accessible throughout the cabin.

Malindo Air will start the ball rolling through the introduction of four flexible timed usage passes which can be purchased onboard from the cabin crew or through a portal in the in-flight system. Duration ranges from 1 hour to 12 hour usage with data cap from 20MB to 100MB and are priced from USD6.95 to USD21.95 depending on the duration.

The airline finally launches its own monthly in-flight magazine, MALINDOMAG, which will be available on all flights across both its ATR and Boeing fleet. As a full-fledged travel magazine with pages on trendy holiday spots, travelling tips and insights into high profile personalities relevant to the travel market, MALINDOMAG will compliment present facilities already onboard.

Mr. Chandran Rama Muthy, CEO of Malindo Air said, “Today is a meaningful day for Malindo Air as we launch the new network technology equipped fleet of jets capable of providing high quality mobile roaming and WiFi coverage for the convenience of present day travellers.”

“A Wi-Fi-enabled fleet brings more than just operational benefits -- we look forward to upgrading our location-based tracking systems to real-time tracking too in the near future. If this service takes off, we will reassess the need to raise the bandwidth”.

“We are also enhancing current products onboard through MALINDOMAG, which will be on all our flights operated on both ATR and Boeing jet fleet.

“WE are very proud to be giving our passengers an added value in this era of innovation, in addition to low fares, ample legroom, baggage allowance, complimentary refreshments and impeccable service with Malindo Air.”

“Malindo WiFi and Malindo Mobile are available on three Boeing jets for the timebeing which covers the Delhi and Mumbai sectors, while the rest of the fleet is expected to be fitted with the technology periodically until the end of the year,” he added.

Permits for the use of WiFi and roaming technology over Malaysian airspace and other countries have been obtained by the carrier, from the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Transport respectively.

Malindo Air has been working with Panasonic Avionics and Aeromobile since last year to bring in the highly reliable global communications service.

Panasonic Avionics provided the mechanical contrivances and more importantly the aircraft-mounted satellite that transmits and receives data to and from the aircraft to satellites located on the ground.

AeroMobile is instrumental in providing the mobile aero network for both calls and texts. This network will be available across both Business and Economy classes.

For further enquiries, write in to Customer Care at [email protected] or contact the Call Centre at (60)3-7841 5388 from 9am to 9pm daily.

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