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Malindo Air’s Preventative Measures against the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

28 February 2020
by Malindoair by Malindoair

As the novel coronavirus spreads worldwide, Malindo Air underwent various disinfectant measures to protect their passengers, as their safety and security is paramount to the airline.

Implementing measures based on directives issued by the authorities, all Malindo Air’s ATR and Boeing aircrafts are thoroughly cleaned by a team of disinfectant specialists daily and during nighttime. The extensive cleaning procedure ensures that the interiors of all Malindo aircrafts are deeply cleaned with medical-grade disinfectants. This also includes that all seats, floors, armrests, tray tables, overhead luggage bins and walls are taken care of, along with cleaning the lavatories, wiping down all surfaces - including in-flight entertainment (IFE) screens, windows and vacuuming the carpets.

Other measures have also been adopted in its inflight service by increasing the availability of water sold onboard to keep passengers hydrated. Malindo Air finds it paramount to ensure that strict precautions for their employees on duty are practised by taking heed of personal hygiene, such as wearing protective masks and gloves and paying attention to passenger symptoms during boarding aircraft.

All in all, Malindo Air ensures that their passengers’ safety is the airline’s utmost priority no matter the circumstance.

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