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COVID-19 Flight Disruptions

We look forward to welcoming you on board. We understand the concern given the current situation and would like to share on some key questions you many have in mind for your flight.

COVID-19 test requirement for China bound flights

1. Do I need to have a COVID-19 test if travelling to China?

1. All passengers travelling on Batik Air to any destinations in China will be required to take the nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 WITHIN 72 HOURS (3 DAYS) BEFORE BOARDING and only those who test negative will be allowed to board the flight.

2. All Chinese passengers who are to fly from Malaysia to China are also required to complete health declaration form here and get health codes in advance on the Wechat mini program COVID-19 Prevention Health Code International Version. Health codes of passengers will be checked during the check-in or before boarding.

3. Only one of the following health codes may be permitted to board the flight:
• a green health code with an airplane mark (see attachment I);
• a green health code with an "HS" mark (see attachment 2). This type of health code has a validity period. The code will tum gray when expired (see attachment 3).
• In the case of a flight delay, please check the validity of the health code based on the original departure time, and if valid, please allow the passenger with such a gray code on board.

4. Passport or other travel document numbers (with some digits in the middle replaced by asterisks) shown on the top of the above-mentioned health codes can be used to verify whether a passenger is presenting his or her own code.

5. For Chinese passengers departing from Malaysia and ultimately bound for China who transfer via other countries, the above-mentioned procedures for checking health codes should also be strictly followed to avoid being denied boarding for the connecting flight.

6. Health Codes Samples - 1, 2 & 3
For Chinese passengers departing from Malaysia and ultimately bound for China who transfer via other countries, the above-mentioned procedures for checking health codes should also be strictly followed to avoid being denied boarding for the connecting flight.

2. If my test was done 6 days prior to departure, can I use the results for this flight?

No. You must comply with the requirements to have this test done within 72 hours (3 days) to the departure of the flight, failing which you will be denied boarding and your tickets will not be refunded

COVID-19 Cancellation and Refunds

1. Am I entitled to a cash refund?

All refunds will be in the form of Travel Vouchers with a validity for redemption of 12 months. However, the period of travel will be subject to seat availability up to 11 months ahead of the date of redemption.

Example of Travel Voucher redemption:

Voucher issuance date : 30th July 2020
Redemption Period : 1st August 2020 up to 29th July 2021
Assumed Redemption date : 1st May 2021
Travel Period Permitted : From 1st May 2021 up to 31 March 2022  (11 months)

2. What is the processing time for refunds?

Refunds processing will be completed in 60 days. However, in view of the overwhelming volume of refund submission requests, Batik Air seeks your patience in the event of any delay in the completion of the refunds processing within the stipulated period.

3. Am I permitted to rebook my flights in place of the disrupted flights?

Passengers whose flights are cancelled are permitted to rebook based on the Waiver Policy as shown on the following link: COVID19-Refund-Policy

4. I wish to request for a Travel Voucher for my disrupted flights. How do I proceed?

You may submit the request via the Batik Air online channel with the necessary supporting documentation. Please check the following link: Refund-Request

5. My flight has been cancelled. What are my options?

Passengers have the option of requesting for a Full Refund in terms of Travel Voucher, OR the option to change their flights within 6 months with the applicable Fare Differences and Change Fee waived. Please check the following link: COVID19-Refund-Policy

Please contact our Call Center at +603 7841 5388 which is operating daily from 9am to 5pm. Contact-us

6. Can I redeem the Travel Voucher for other passengers even though their names do not appear in the Travel Voucher?

The Travel Voucher holder may apply to Batik Air to transfer the value of his Travel Voucher to other friends and family members. Passengers are required to write to customer_care@malindoair.com and provide the amount, names and contact details. The Named passenger will be required to sign a Transfer of Travel Voucher Authorization form, to complete the transaction.

7. What will be the prevailing Terms and Conditions once I have redeemed my Travel Vouchers?

The existing Terms and Conditions will continue to apply: Please click the following link: Terms and conditions

8. If I had changed my flight due to the COVID-19 and my flight is cancelled again, can I request for a refund?

In the event your flight is cancelled, you will continue to have the two options: to change your flight with applicable fare difference without any Change Fee OR a full refund in terms of Travel Vouchers.

9. How do I redeem the Travel Voucher?

An online facility is being developed and will be operational soon. In the meantime, kindly contact our Call Center at +603 7841 5388 or visit our Ticketing Offices for redemption. Contact us https://www.malindoair.com/contact-us

10. How do I secure the balance of my Travel Voucher?

Batik Air will generate a new Travel Voucher if there is a balance from your existing Travel Voucher which will be emailed to you.

11. I have submitted my refund request but have still not received the Travel Voucher

The refund processing takes up to 60 days. However, in view of the overwhelming number of refund requests, we seek your understanding in the event there is a minor delay. We will notify you as soon as the process is completed.

12. I did not request for Travel Vouchers and wish to have a cash refund

Our refund policy has been published on our website. Only Travel Vouchers will be issued for all refunds. Q1 above will clarify the voucher redemption policy.

13. Am I able to check my Travel Voucher value online?

Yes, you will be able to establish your Travel Voucher value at the payment page during your online purchase via Batik Air official website. This is under development and will be available soon.

14. Will I retain the same Travel Voucher for the entire period?

Yes, the Travel Voucher will be valid for the entire duration. However if the voucher is partially used, the balance Travel Voucher will be issued with redemption to be completed within 3 months of the new issuance date. The period of travel will be based on all dates displayed which is 11 months ahead of the second redemption date.

New Check-in Procedures

1. Do I need to declare my health status before I am accepted for travel?

Yes. All passengers are required to sign a COVID-19 Declaration form which will carry their personal information as well as a declaration of the status of their health. The passenger will need to complete the form and show a digital or printed copy to the staff at the check-in counter. Passengers who refuse to sign the form may be refused boarding.

2. Is web check-in facility available under COVID-19 period?

The online web check-in facility has been temporarily deactivated and passengers are required to report at the check-in counter for verification of their travel documents and to ensure compliance of all guidelines by authorities. Check-in counters are open 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

3. Is entry into KLIA and other airports controlled?

Apart from passengers, visitors (including meet and greet) are now allowed to enter the airport terminal subject to meeting the thermal screening body temperature requirement.

Passengers are required to wear their masks (correctly) at all times.

4. Is thermal screening conducted at the airports?

Yes - in KLIA, the screening is done at the entrance on Level 5 which is the Departure level. At BKI, KCH and SZB airports; handheld temperature readers are used at departure entrances to conduct screening.

5. Are there any other body temperature checks conducted by Batik Air?

No further body temperature checks are done before the flight as the thermal screening has been approved by the Health Authorities.

6. Are satinitisers provided at the airports?

Yes. Sanitisers are available at the check-in counters and at boarding gates.

7. Are masks & sanitisers sold around the airport outlets?

Yes, masks and sanitisers are sold at the airport entrance as wearing a mask is a prerequisite for entry into the airport and for the entire duration of the journey, both on ground and during flight.

8. Is social distancing practiced during flight?

Social distancing on-board the aircraft is no longer applicable unless imposed by authorities on the sector that we're flying into

9. How do you accommodate family seating under social distancing rules?

Where family members request to be seated together, the check-in counter will try to accommodate the requests on a best-efforts basis.

10. Are Airport Lounges in operations?

Only Plaza Premium First is available. All other lounges are closed including Plaza Premium Lounge.

11. Is wheelchair service offered?

Yes. Wheelchair services continue to be available. However, for Cabin wheelchairs (WHCH) which is provided by the airline, we seek family members to assist in view of the limited number of staff available as staff are also required to perform additional duties related to COVID-19 safety checks during this period.

12. Are flights operating from the Satellite or Main Terminal Building at KLIA?

At the moment, the flights are operating from the Main Terminal Building. This may however change from time to time.

13. Are there food outlets operating at the airports?

As of to date, we can confirm the following are operational at KLIA:
1. Old Town Coffee - CPI 22 (10am -8pm)
2. Starbucks CPI 20 (8am - 8pm)
3. Queen Dim Sum CPI (8am-6pm)
4. Noodles MTB Level 5 (7am-7pm)
5. Marrybrown CP Dom (8am -8pm)
6. D'Canteen (staff cafe) Satellite & CP (10am-8pm)

14. Is the Transfer Desk at KLIA operational?

In the absence of International operations, the Transfer Desk is closed. For passengers arriving on other airlines who need to connect to Batik Air domestic flights, they will need to contact the Batik Air Ground Operations Duty Manager at +603 87764848 for assistance.

15. Will I be offered the normal service recovery in the event of flight delays?

No, in view of the extremely limited facilities available at the airports; service recovery for flight delays will not be provided.

16. What are the documents required for me to board the flights?

Passengers will be required to carry their important documents such as Passports/Identity Cards/Other approvals secured for their travel for inspection by the staff before being permitted to board the flight. Passengers are required to adhere to travel document requirements for their respective travel sector based on formal travel information published.

17. Will I be able to check on entry requirements for Sabah/Sarawak?

The information for Sabah and Sarawak shown below in blue italics is based on the latest available to Batik Air. Passengers are required to check on their own and to ensure that they meet all entry requirements.

In-flight Service Procedures

Inflight Meals

1. Are Hot Meals served on flights?

Passengers are required to pre purchase Hot Meals from Batik Air via the website (Manage Booking) or Call Centre at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. No Hot Meals are sold on board the flights. Please check the following link for pre purchase meals. https://www.malindoair.com/Meals

2. What Food & Beverages are sold on board the flights?

Snacks, dry items, hot and cold beverages are sold on the flight. There is no change in the service procedure for Sales on Board. Please check for details under heading Sales on Board in the same link (https://www.malindoair.com/Meals).

3. Are special meals available for pre purchase?

Only meals shown on the website are available for pre-ordering.

4. Are Hot Meals available on ATR (Subang) flights?

No, Hot Meals are not available for the ATR aircraft.

5. Is Duty Free sales conducted on board flights?

No, during this period duty free sales have been suspended.

During the flight

1. Is the mask required throughout the flight?

Yes. The authorities have made it mandatory for all passengers to wear the mask in the appropriate way as recommended and should not be removed at all times.

2. Am I allowed to change seats on board during the flight?

No. Airlines are required by the authorities to strictly comply with the social distancing guidelines on board the flights. Passengers must be seated on the seats assigned as indicated in their boarding passes throughout the duration of the flight.

3. Can I request for sanitiser from the crew?

We advise passengers to carry their own sanitizers so as to minimise sharing and contact and for personal safety reasons. The packaging should not exceed the 100ml limit set by the authorities.

The information herein is subject to relevant board of authorities and operating stakeholders. As such, please note updates are done to the best possible to ensure timeliness and accuracy

• In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, countries across the globe are enforcing strict entry and exit restrictions on any inbound and outbound passengers into and from their territories as well as within their territories.
• Batik Air will, therefore, require all its passengers to duly ensure that they have the necessary documentation and permission (including but not limited to passports, travel documents, health certifications, travel history, visas, and any other applicable documentation or permission) to enter or exit the respective countries or states in a country, as required by the applicable laws, regulations, and rules. Passengers are also strongly reminded of applicable COVID-19 travel requirements which may include but not limited COVID-19 testing, COVID-19 test results, and COVID-19 travel authorization which may be required for applicable destinations.
• Batik Air will not be liable in any way whatsoever for you being denied entry by any authority nor responsible for any repatriation costs you may incur. You will also be liable to repay any fines/penalties imposed on us at your destination country or state for your denial of entry/exit.
• Please be guided accordingly.

For further enquiries, visit www.malindoair.com, write in to Customer Care at customer_care@malindoair.com or contact the Call Centre at (60)3-7841 5388 from 9am to 6pm daily.

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