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Malaysian Entry & Exit Requirements

Entry Restrictions:
Under travel restrictions announced on March 16, all foreign nationals, with very limited exceptions, are restricted from entry to Malaysia until June 9, though this end date may be further extended at the discretion of the Malaysian government.

Eligibility for entry to Malaysia extends to the following categories with the corresponding criteria met:
1. Malaysian
- Required to get approval from Malaysian missions abroad beforehand
2. Foreigner (Holdings prior approval from Immigration of Malaysia)
- Required to get the approval from Malaysian missions abroad beforehand
- Approval from Immigration of Malaysia
3. MM2H pass holders are allowed entry subject to:
a. The MM2H pass holder’s name must be in the list endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism (MOTAC)
b. Approval from Immigration Department of Malaysia has to be presented during check-in/boarding process;
c. Authorisation of entry is subject to inspection and compliance with the conditions of entry specified by the Immigration Department of Malaysia;
d. Swab test must be done at the origin (stranded) country within 14-day before arrival to Malaysia (test results are negative for COVID-19); and
e. Agree to prepare and sign Letter of Undertaking (LOU) to bear the cost of quarantine at the designated quarantine centre in Malaysia

Domestic Travel Regulations (updated 4 June)
- Travelers are required to obtain approval permit from the Royal Malaysian Police prior to departure for all domestic interstate travels during this Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), as mandated by the Ministry of Transport Malaysia on 21 May 2020. Failure to comply will result in denied boarding.
- Travelers are required to download and register their details on the MySejahtera mobile app to be presented as part of the check-in procedure.

Transit Exception:
Foreign nationals may transit through the international terminals of Malaysian airports as long as they are not required to pass through immigration while in transit. Transfer from international flight to domestic flight is not allowed except for eligible Malaysians travelling to Sabah & Sarawak.

Upon Entry:
Any travelers permitted to enter Malaysia during the CMCO will be subject to COVID-19 testing and a mandatory 14 day quarantine at designated quarantine stations. Please see the section on Quarantine Information below for further details.

Quarantine Information:
Effective 1 st June 2020, the Government through a new policy mandates that all entrants to Malaysia through all International Entrances (Pintu Masuk Antarabangsa, PMA) have to bear the quarantine costs of 50 per cent of the quarantine costs incurred by the Government for citizens while full payment will be required for non-citizens. Individuals subject to quarantine orders will be referred to as Person Under Surveillance (PUS).1. QUARANTINE STATION
The Quarantine Station is a place of isolation and observance of health that has been gazetted under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (Act 342), including hotels or any other government-designated premises.
The quarantine period is 14 days or any period stipulated by the Ministry of Health Malaysia on a case-by-case basis.
The quarantine cost rates are as follows;
a. Citizens: 50 per cent of the hotel's maximum rate of RM150 per person per day, for a period fixed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
b. Citizens who choose to self-pay: the full rate agreed between the Government and the Sama-Sama Hotel, KLIA (or any government-designated hotel).
c. Non-Citizens (Dependent): Maximum rate of RM150 per day per person, for a period fixed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
d. Non-Citizens (Expatriates, Holders of MM2H, Permanent Resident (PR) status holders or any other non-citizens who have been approved by the Director- General of Immigration to enter Malaysia: at the full rate agreed upon between the Government and the Sama-Sama Hotel, KLIA (or any hotel designated by the Government).
e. People with Disabilities (Disability) cardholders of the Social Welfare Department: The cost of the quarantine will be borne by the Government.
i. PUS will have to pay a full deposit / payment to the hotel management during the check-in process. Credit card usage is encouraged.
ii. Full payment or balance return will be made at checkout.
a. Prior to Arrivals
All individuals entering Malaysia starting 1 st June 2020 are required to ; -
i. Sign a Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LoU)
All individuals who are going to Malaysia must download and complete the Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LoU) as shown in Appendix 1-4 through the following links:
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs: www.kln.gov.my;
• National Disaster Management Agency: www.nadma.gov.my;
• Immigration Department of Malaysia: www.imi.gov.my;
• Ministry of Health Malaysia: www.moh.gov.my;
• Ministry of Transport Malaysia: www.mot.gov.my; or
• Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture: www.motac.gov.my
ii. Obtaining a Letter of Approval from an Accredited Malaysian Representative
Compliance with the conditions of entry set by the Malaysian Immigration Department or Government Agencies applies. Each applicant must submit the relevant LoU-related documents (such as a checklist in Annex 5) to an email of the Malaysian Representative not less than three (3) days prior the departure date. The email address of the Malaysian Representative overseas is available at https://www.kln.gov.my/web/guest/malaysianmission. Subject to approval, the Malaysian Representative will issue a Letter of Intent to Malaysia (via email submission).
iii. Displaying a Letter of Approval from a Malaysian Representative to airlines, other public transport companies and the Malaysian Immigration Department
A letter of approval from a Malaysian Representative will need to be submitted during the process of booking another flight / public transport. Failure to submit this letter may result in the person being denied permission to board the aircraft, or other public transportation. For entry by road, failure to submit the document will complicate the process of entry into Malaysia.
b. Arrivals at International Entrance
PUS will undergo the following process: -
i. Health Screening at National International Entrance by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)
• Health screening will be conducted and any PUS showing COVID-19 symptoms will be referred to the hospital for further treatment;
• The sampling process for the COVID-19 test will be conducted at the arrival hall, or at the Quarantine Station; and
• Health Assessment Tool (HAT) will be provided for PUS self-monitoring purposes throughout the quarantine period.
ii. Registration Counter - Entrance Management Committee
• The Entrance Management Committee coordinated by the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) and the Malaysian Defence Forces (Angkatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia / APM) will coordinate PUS receipts and logistics management at KLIA1, KLIA2 or airports, sea and land all over Malaysia;
• PUS needs to show LoU to staff;
• The Entrance Management Committee will manage the logistics of PUS to the designated Quarantine Station; and
• PUS is not allowed to select the Quarantine Station.
iii. Acceptance of Immigration, Customs and Logistics to the Hotel
• PUS will undergo regular entry process through Immigration and Customs Officers;
• Next, the Government will arrange transportation to the designated Quarantine Station; and
• For non-citizens PUS who fail to submit LoU upon arrival, Immigration reserves the right to impose a Not-To-Land (NTL) order on the PUS.
c. PUS Management at the Quarantine Station
PUS will undergo the following processes:
i. Check-In
• PUS check-in at the Quarantine Station will go through the normal registration process implemented by the Hotel management with the supervision of the Quarantine Station staff;
• The PUS must submit the original LoU copy to the Quarantine Station staff;
• Full deposit and / or payment will be made by the hotel management before PUS is allowed to check in to the hotel room; and
• PUS who fails to comply with any of the instructions in paragraphs 6 (a), (b) and (c) will be subject to legal action under Act 342 and / or any other act by action of the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP).
ii. During Quarantine
• The PUS will undergo a quarantine period of 14 days (or any period fixed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia);
• Officials from Government agencies are stationed at all Quarantine Stations to assist in the management of Quarantine Stations, welfare, safety and health inspections throughout the quarantine period;
• One (1) room will accommodate one (1) PUS only;
• Applications to place more than one PUS in one room should be referred to the MOH Health Officer;
• Drinks will be provided by the Quarantine Station three (3) times a day;
• Personal cleaning should be done by PUS him/herself;
• PUS is responsible for luggage and all their personal belongings;
• The PUS should conduct daily self-health assessments in each of its rooms, and report to the Quarantine Station Officer if they start experiencing COVID-19 symptoms with a mechanism set by the MOH;
• The PUS will be notified of communication method with Government Officers and Quarantine Station personnel via telephone / sms / whatsapp / telegram;
• PUS must also comply with all SOPs and advice from the Quarantine Station Officer. Some of the restrictions on quarantine are as follows:
- Not allowed to leave the room;
- No smoking;
- Not allowed to gather;
- Outside food delivery services such as Grabfood, Food Panda and others are not allowed; and
- No visitations are allowed
• For PUS positively identified through the COVID19 test results, the individual (known as Patient Under Investigation -PUI) will be transferred to a nearby hospital for COVID-19 treatment. All PUI- owned items at the hotel must be taken together to the hospital and the cost of the quarantine is until the hotel’s discharge date. Deposit refunds will be made by the hotel management.
iii. Check-Out Process
• The PUS check-out process from the Quarantine Station is in accordance with the health care regulations and security measures as directed by MOH over time;
• PUS will be issued a release order (Annex 17) upon expiry of the quarantine by the Ministry of Health Malaysia;
• PUS must settle the outstanding payment. Failing which, may result in legal action taken against the PUS by the Quarantine Station;
• Movement permits will be issued by Quarantine Station personnel for the purpose of cross-border migration;
• PUS movement leaving the hotel to return home:
- The beneficiary / representative is allowed to pick up the PUS at the Quarantine Station; or
- PUS is allowed to arrange his/her own public transport (taxi, e- hailing) to return home.
The applicability of this procedure is effective from 1 st June 2020 until a date to be notified by the Malaysian Government.

Exit Restrictions:
Foreign nationals are permitted to depart the country; however flight options are limited. Malaysian citizens with a foreign residence permit, including American Lawful Permanent Residents, are allowed to depart, but will not be able to return until the CMCO is lifted. All travelers should be prepared for additional travel restrictions to be put into effect with little or no advance notice. Travelers should closely monitor the situation in Malaysia and other transit countries before travel.

Sabah & Sarawak

Additional travel restrictions apply for travel to the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak which have local autonomy over immigration at domestic and international ports of entry, and these states are also observing the same general restrictions as the federal government through the end of the CMCO. Effective 1st June, all flights from Peninsular Malaysia into Sabah and Sarawak will require cabin social distancing with empty seats between passengers and shall not exceed 66.6% of seating capacity on board.

Sabah (updated 3 June)::
a. All Malaysians (West Malaysian/Sarawakian) with valid documentation are allowed to enter Sabah
b. Required documentation for Malaysians – MyKad/Passport/Work Permit for non- Sabahan (issued in Sabah)
c. Required documentation for foreigners – valid passport/VISA/JKM approval to enter Sabah
d. All Malaysians are required to get a permit from the Police (PDRM) for interstate travel
e. All travellers into Sabah will be subjected to a COVID-19 swab test upon arrival and will be required to undergo a 14-day quarantine either at designated centre or self- quarantine (subject to KKM screening on arrival)
f. For Malaysians to be exempted from 14-day quarantine upon arrival; individual must have undergone a COVID-19 testing (3 to 7days before departure date) and must present the letter of result from KKM (with negative results) during screening

Sarawak (updated 22 May):
a. To enter and exit Sarawak, all individuals including Sarawakian and Non-Sarawakian are required to obtain a permit from the Police (PDRM) in order to get approval from SDMC.
b. All passengers are encouraged to log into https://sarawakdisastermc.com/ for detailed information in regards to this requirement.
c. Prior to arrival passengers are required to complete enterSarawak online and e- health declaration form (e-hdf). Airline staff will ensure both forms are completed before passengers are allowed to board.
d. All travelers into Sarawak will be required to undergo a 14-day quarantine upon arrival

The information herein is subject to relevant board of authorities and operating stakeholders. As such, please note updates are done to the best possible to ensure timeliness and accuracy.

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