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On Board Upgrade (OBU) to Business Class

Thinking of a last minute upgrade mid air? No problem, introducing Batik Air's On Board Upgrade!
Simply ask your flight attendant if there's a seat available in Business Class and purchase conveniently with your credit card. Give it a try and arrive at your destination even more relaxed!

How to purchase

NOTE: Fare conditions remain unchanged as per original ticket purchase. Payment mode is only via Credit Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is OBU?
On board Upgrade is offered to Economy Class passengers at a top up fee for an upgrade to Business Class when seats are available.

What if my flight contains a stopover?
On Board Upgrade can only be done on the last travelling air segment, for example if you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide, you can only upgrade once the flight departs from Bali (stopover) onward.

What will I be entitled to?
Meals and Beverages in Business Class are provided subject to availability. Upgraded passengers are NOT entitled to:
- Business Class baggage allowance
- Business Class points for Malindo miles. Miles points will be awarded per original ticket purchase value

Where can I buy On Board Upgrade?
On Board Upgrade can only be done during flight via our cabin crew when there are available seats for purchase.

Terms & Conditions:
  • Subject to business class seats availability.
  • Pricing varies by route.
  • On Board Upgrade purchase is valid for seats only; pre purchase meal(s), baggage allowance and existing add-ons remain as per original ticket purchase.
  • Business class meal(s) and in flight services on board is subject to availability.
  • Payment via credit card only.
  • Fare conditions remain unchanged as per original ticket purchase.