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What Our Passengers Say..

I received wonderful assistance from your ground staff, and in particular Mr Md Nazmul Hasan. He walked me to different police offices for the necessary paperwork. He also assisted to recover my offloaded check-in baggage and made sure I got it. I thanked him repetitively, of course. He always humbly replied “this is my job”. Mr Hasan did a really wonderful job in assisting me during the entire offload and exit procedure. I am very thankful to him. If you have a minute to spare, you might want to make a phone call to Nazmul and thank him. He will be happy to hear that from you and I am sure it will strengthen him in continuing doing a great job. Despite the cancelled trip and my missed meetings abroad, I will continue flying Malindo DAC-KUL. I hope that on a next occasion you will allow me to also enjoy seat 1C up in the air until KUL.
Thank you.


Dear Jonathon,
Please accept my sincere thanks and convey my thanks to the team who put their all efforts to check our baggage through. Also after landing at KL an attendant was awaiting at flight gate to fast guide us to the departure gate to catch the next flight for Jakarta.
Though the flight was delayed the effort made by the Malindo team was more than anybody can deserve. Even the flight attended took cognigence of our situation, took note of our next flight, kept us informed about our next flight and transferred to business class before landing for quick exit.
Splendid service. Many thanks to each of the staffs who were there for us to do the extra miles.


I have landed safely today early morning in KLIA 1. I am home now, I had informed Mr.Biplob that I will not have a mobile and thus, no domestic number with me once I start travelling to Chittagong airport and leave my university. Therefore, my parents and family were very worried if I reached the airports safely. My family and my sister truly appreciate your kind assistance throughout, despite the off office hours and express their gratitude for your help.
Thank you so much!

Miss.Ashwinii Chelvan

I would like to express my appreciation to Ms. Suzie (Sales Counter Subang Airport) for her assistance in handling my name change request on 12-Oct-15, 8.30pm. Ms. Suzie has shown an impressive manner and attitude while handling my request despite challenges faced (System Interupption). Thank You and keep up the good work, Ms. Suzie!!!!

MR.choong heng

I would like to take this opportunity to accord my highest appreciation of fantastic service that was received abroad my trip from Delhi to KL via OD206 on 1 August 2015. Comfort was of great value and the service and hospitality of your cabin crew was awesome. They were all well-mannered and went out of their way to prepare Teh Tarik for me during my meals.

I'm a frequent traveller on Malindo Air since it first started the inaugural flights from KL to Bali almost two years ago and it has been my number one airline-of-choice to the destinations that are covered by Malindo. I hope to see more routes and the continuation of excellence in your service and quality.


I would like to thank Call Centre for the excellent service provided to complete my booking for a ticket to Langkawi. The agent was very patient and demonstrated good service for his profession at Customer Service and I'm VERY satisfied for his excellent service. Thank you so much and I'm definitely looking forward to flying with Malindo Air!


" I ‎am on board OD1217, SZB-JHB. The flight's captain Zahid had made us, passengers very comfortable when he made the announcement of the location we were flying through namely "on the left is Port Klang and on the right is Melaka, historical city of Malaysia". My compliment to the Captain for ‎making the passengers excited and fun with the information provided. My wish is for all our other flight captains could do the same. It makes another milestone for Malindo Air and our valued passengers. Well done and keep it up! "


" Your service from SIN-KUL was nothing less than perfect. Staff, check-in, aircraft, reception, offered services, all state-of-the-art. I was truly amazed by the service given to us. I wish you a very long and prosperous path! You certainly offer a much superior service than rivals. Best wishes to Malindo Air! "


" This is my 3rd time flying with Malindo Air and I was on board OD1217 From Subang to Johor Bahru at 2000-2100, 17/07/2015. Staff by the name of Idzham from the check-in counter served me well. He greeted all passengers in a friendly manner and gave good service. While I was onboard, crew Nicholes and Erica greeted me with a clear voice and nice smile. Captain Ezam and co-pilot Raymond, I would like to thank you for the safe landing, it was smooth and great. Overall, it was an amazing experience. Thank you, Malindo Air and I can't wait to fly again with you on the 27th. Thank you and wish you luck! "

MR.Clement Lee

" I had my flight on Thursday 16th July from Kota Bharu to KLIA2 at 17:50 with flight number OD 2303. I reached airport late at 15:20, and the counter was closed by then. As I had an international flight right before my local flight, your staff gave me extraordinary assistance to take my flight and I really appreciate their effort. They were so cooperative and responsible, and I am truly grateful for such service. Definitely made a good impression on me and I wish to make Malindo Air my first choice to every destination available. Best regards to you! "


" I highly applaud your collaborative efforts to assist Kelab Golf Negara Subang in the quest of an insurance policy claim. The assistance rendered would be aptly described as quick as lightning and with efficacy. Kudos and bravo to the employees of Malindo Air!
Keep up the good work, Customer Service Department! "

Miss.Siti Zulaika

" Overall, it was a GREAT EXPERIENCE with Malindo Air, on a return trip to India. All the cabin crew were friendly and welcoming. Also, I experienced fast check-in and staff was very helpful throughout the whole time. Well done and thank you, Malindo Air for the excellent service! Keep it up. "


" SIN-KUL in Economy Class on June 13th. The aircraft was a new Boeing 737-800. Economy Class seats were comfortable with excellent legroom and pitch. Each seat was fitted with touchscreen inflight entertainment filled with movies and documentaries. A packet of cookies and water were offered. Staff service was courteous. For the price paid (S$44.00 per adult return) Malindo Air offered brilliant value for money. Bravo, Malindo Air! Keep up the good work. "


" I've travel with Malindo Air many times and it has been superb. Staff were all fairly professional and plane was new and comfy. Though there has been last minute announcement on delays or cancellation, I still recommend to fly with Malindo if you have the flexibility of time. "


" I flew OD804 SIN-KUL and it was one of the best flying experiences I've had. Flight was on time and cabin crew were very friendly and attentive throughout the short flight. IFE was working great! Worth my every penny spent. Highly recommended! "


" Experienced some delays in the flight taking off (Cochin to KUL April 2015). However, the service offered in plane were reasonably good food and excellent leg room which was almost like being in Business Class. Luggage handling was also excellent with normal check-in. Malindo Air is definitely an airline I'll consider if I need to fly again. Good job! "


" OD1303 - 13th June 2015. KUA-SZB
Cabin crew were very professional and understood the safety requirements. An infant was given the infant seat belt that was looped with the mother's and this is really commendable given the fact that safety is paramount on all flights. The cabin crew uniform is also one of the best for most low-cost carriers and on this instance, they kept themselves clean, neat and tidy. Good job, Malindo Air! "

MRS.Jessey Cherian George

" I flew Malindo Air from Bandung to Kuala Lumpur last May. I just want to give a special shout-out, thanking your Bandung ground staff, Imam who was very helpful and hospitable in assisting my friend and I. I was in a foreign country and experiencing such warmth and helpfulness from the staff was something we really appreciated. Thank you, Imam!"


"I have been observing the loading of bags and cargo during bad weather for OD1002 to BKI. Ground staff were doing their best to load bags and cargo despite heavy rain. Flight were delayed due to loading/offloading of bags and cargo due to wet weather.

The loading were done fast despite wet weather and bags were rushed into the belly. The aircraft interior and toilet were clean. Also, cabin crew were‎ attentive to the passengers and advising them over the delay. Well done to all. Please extend the compliments to the Malindo Air Team! Best compliments."


" I am very glad and appreciated that Mr. Sashi, call me back less than 10 mins, asking me what he can help. And after he told me to email the IC to him, he will try his best to help on this case. At least, he give me options, let me know what he can do and with no promise.

Mr. Sashi, helpful, responsible, friendly, polite and professional. I really impressed on his service and his prompt response to my issue. He settled the issue within 1 hour, he waive the charges of the wrong spelling of the name for me.

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU, Mr. Sashi. You are AWESOME!! "


" My first travel with Malindo Air and it was really awesome this morning 10.35am from TRZ-KUL. They had very good cabin crew and super pilot had excellent control with the aircraft.

I love Malindo Air and I would definitely fly with them again! "

MR.Mohamed Asif

"Hey, I flew with Malindo Air from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Singapore - impressive and wonderful airline!"


"I had a good time travelling with Malindo Air, definitely the better airline than the rest. Keep up the good work! "


" I had problems with my ticket, and so I went to the ticketing office at Alor Setar airport. Had a good experience with the service and staff was very helpful with rectifying the problem. Thank you Malindo Air! Two thumbs up for great service."


" I made a call to Customer Service 20 minutes ago, and it was a good and pleasant service by Ms. Vini. She was very helpful with my web check-in problem. Kudos for excellent service! "


Booked a flight for Raya Holidays just now. This is my third time flying with Malindo Air. Definitely the better airlines in town!


" I had a short flight from Kota Bharu to Subang and it was on time despite bad weather conditions and flooding on the East Coast few months back. The cabin crews were attentive and friendly. It was a fairly good fare for ATR flight which we landed at Subang Airport, making it convenient for people from KL downtown. "


" I travelled by Malindo on the TRZ-KUL-TRZ route and it was a very pleasant flight. The seats are very spacious, with very good legroom and overall comfort was guranteed. I am very heavy in weight and I felt extremely comfortable in their seats. Food was a surprise because they were good! The cabin crew were good and polite despite other passengers weren't at their best behavior. The in-flight entertainment system were of good quality. Moreover, the TRZ- KUL flight was exactly on time and check-in was quite a breeze at the TRZ airport. Overall, it was a very pleasant and comfortable journey. "

MR.Prem Vijay

" We flew from Bali-KUL. Check-in was quick and easy, bags checked through. Boarding was organised, once onboard modern light aircraft, crew were ok, not over friendly. With being 191cm tall, the legroom was great and spacious with in-flight entertainment that help with experiencing a comfortable flight journey. Meal service were not too bad. Bags arrived on time with no complaints. Good job, Malindo Air! "


" Took Malindo from SIN to KTM via KUL and flight from Singapore was delayed for 1hr 45mins. I had only an hour transit time in KUL with informing the ground staff. When I arrived in KUL, ground staff were waiting for me and brought me to the gate quickly. Baggage also arrived promptly. Return flight departed KTM early, arrived in KUL 45mins ahead of schedule. Flight to Singapore was short and simple. Food not too bad. Entertainment good. Excellent legroom. Overall, it was a comfortable flight. Despite the mishap in the beginning, very thankful for the service given by ground staff. Thank you, Malindo Air! "

MR.J. Tan

" I am very tall and always have problems on many other low-cost airlines but not with this hybrid airline, Malindo Air. The flight was on time and service was good. True, there was no in-flight entertainment on the ATR but I only took short flights which were about the same cost as a bus but much shorter in time. I would definitely fly with Malindo again, and I have recommended them often. Keep up the good work, Malindo Air!"


Dear Malindo Air,

" I flew from Subang to Penang on 19th May 19:05 flight. Soon as I stepped on the plane I had this familiar sick feeling and couldn't step forward; I have claustrophobia. I told flight attendant Dina (not sure correct spelling) and she was the most comforting I've ever experienced. She told me I could stand with her till just as it was necessary to be seated and she chatted with me to take my mind off my fear. Then she found me two empty seats and told me I could sit there since I was the last passenger to be seated. Throughout the flight Dina checked on me and made sure I was alright. I've flown many times with different airlines and have never felt so comfortable. I didn't have the chance to personally thank her for being so wonderful as I was rushing off the plane. Please convery my appreciation to Dina and kudos to you guys for having such great service! "


"I flew from Bangladesh to Thailand via Malaysia. They canceled the outward leg on the day of travel and then the return leg. I had to make my own way to another airport next day (7 hours by bus). On the way back, they helped me get an internal flight to my destination airport and a hotel overnight as I had to wait. These cancellations are regular. The aircraft they operate are really nice with professional staff. Food was great with in-flight entertainment to keep you occupied. One more nice feature is that you can charge from a USB socket in your entertainment console. Though it was a hassle in the beginning, but the flight experience made it all worthwhile."


"I flew to Delhi in Business Class and I would like to commend the outstanding cabin crew for their efficiency and helpfulness. The crew were friendly enough to have a chat with us, passengers. Food was great with a complimentary Haagen Daaz that came as a surprise. They also provided us with hot towel and peanuts for snacks and drinks before departure. The premium lounge in Delhi airport was basic but comfortable and nice. The seats are comfortable for a 737. Overall, I will certainly fly Malindo Air again."


"Booked my flight the night prior and it came to about RM140 for a flight from JB to Penang. The flight attendants were lovely and professional, and a snack (water and sweet biscuits) was a welcome addition (not to mention the included baggage). Opted to try Malindo over Air Asia on the last feature. Plane appeared quite new and seats were fairly comfortable. Overall, it was a good flight indeed!"


"I was on flight COK-KUL-COK last week, was pretty sceptical in the beginning due to many negative reviews I came across. Nevertheless, I must say that the flight was very OK (in terms of value for money), staff were very friendly and approachable. Food was not bad either, the delay was tolerable too and no missing baggage too. I would definitely fly Malindo Air again!"


"Thank you Malindo Air! You made my 5-year-old son possible to fly from Malacca to Penang with your affordable prices. What a comfortable flight experience too! Thank you for being in Malacca!"


"I just want to say thank you to your groundstaff who are based in SZB. Their service were great!

Yesterday, I was about to miss my flight to Kerteh, but they assisted me very well until I was safely in the aircraft. They helped with settling my baggage check-in and everything went smoothly. Thank you, Malindo Air! Bravo!"


"Took a one-way economy flight from KUL-DPS. Check-in at klia2 was swift, but I did check-in online the day before as well. Boarding call followed on time and our flight left KUL 10 minutes late, but we arrived on-time in Bali. Overall, it was a nice flight experience with a 32-inch seat pitch which was incredibly comfortable for a tall person like me. Seat reclines and comes with in-flight entertainment and various selection to entertain self. They even offer a USB connection, which is only available in Business Class. Free meal service was only crackers and water and other meals and drinks were available for charge. Would definitely book with Malindo Air again!"

MR.R. Pertler

"KUL-DEL on economy and DEL-KUL on business. Overall a good flight although I think the economy seats are great in terms of legroom with comfortable chairs. Food choices aren't great on economy as expected due to budget airline but flight attendants are extremely warm and helpful, making my flight pleasant and totally enjoyable."


I'm writing this testimonial in appreciation for Malindo Air.

" On April 27th this year, I was traveling using Malindo flight OD1409 from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur. Together with me, there were 15 children with hearing-impaired problem (deaf) and speech problem and another 18 people of teachers, parents and guardians.

As usual, when you travel in the large group of people with kids, we could literally anticipate some issues that will arise. Plus, when you travel with 15 special kids, it won't be that easy. This caused a delay of flight on that day due to some miscommunication and arrangement for parents and kids.

However, I was immediately impressed with Malindo Air captain and crew. They accommodated us with high professionalism and knew that they were flying with special kids. The lead stewardess, Intan, assisted us in smile even though we had delayed the flight. The captain was absolutely fabulous and patient to wait for us to board the flight.

Everything went smoothly and the children had their moment they won’t forget for life.

Thank you, Malindo Air from a father with a son who has special needs too. Also, on behalf of my six-year-old boy and all of his friends, they had fun seeing the clouds from above and enjoyed the ride throughout."

MR.K. Rahim

Dear Malindo Air,

" I'm writing to thank the ground staffs for their professionalism and assistance that they have provided me this morning.

I was on flight OD1601 from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur this morning. I didn't remember taking out my phone until I was about to leave KLIA2 when I wanted to turn off the airplane mode but couldn't find it. I think it slipped in between the seats.

I went back in straight to Malindo sales office for assistance. The staff were so helpful that they called the staff who was on duty on our arrival to search for my phone and he found it and returned to me.

I appreciate it very much and thank you for the great job done!!!

Keep up the good work!! "


" Flight OD 1601 KCH to KL. The captain has great sense of humor and just cheer me up n really have wonderful voice too. Yes, I'm glad I chose such a hospitable airline. Thank you for the warmth and hospitality on board."

Miss.Wan Li

" Overall, the airline is great compared to other competitors. Check in was smooth; new fleet. They gave priority to travelers with small children, First in KLIA2, but not on our return flight in Penang airport though. It was quite a satisfying, and excellent in-flight service. Only setback was they gave us a different sea upon check-in. Fortunately, it was on the first row of economy class, hence more leg room."


" Check-in from KUL to DAC was a breeze. The Boeing 737-900 ER aircraft was extraordinary with very attentive and hospitable cabin crew. You can buy a hot meal just for a few ringgit. Overall, I had a good impression of this airline."

MR.A Mowla

Dear Malindo Air,

" For my holiday to Singapore & Kuala Lumpur I chose you, after a very dear friend of mine recommended your wonderful airline. Last week I was a guest on your flight OD804 on Monday, April 20th and a guest on OD 807 Wednesday, April 22th. The check-in process on SIN was very efficient and hassle-free, the free cabin baggage was also a perk and the nice air hostesses, free water and cookie made the journey even better.

I would really like to thank you for the amount of service, while offering affordable prices! Keep up the good work and I would love to fly with you anytime soon."

Miss.Shejanie Jagmohan

" Definitely purchasing free tickets as advertised! Last week, I was on my way to Johor Bharu on the 5th and return on the 6th, and I only had to pay RM80 all-in-fare, that is for airport tax, GST and administrative fee. Thankfully, the flight was one time to and fro. Before this flight, I flew with Malindo Air to Bali, Indonesia from klia2. All-in-fare was only RM166 return ticket."

Thank you, Malindo Air for making my travel experience safe and affordable!

MR.Raj Mosas

" Flew for the first time from New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur recently. Liked the cost effective and efficient service! Thank you, Malindo Air!"

MR.Somil Agrawal

" I am writing this as a token of appreciation to two of your staff Mr. Ganesh Kumar and Mr.Surinder Raj for assisting me.

I was unable to do the online check in and I sought for help through my friend Miss Lakshimi. We tried for an hour plus and outcome was zero. Thank God she had the contact number of Mr.Ganesh whom previously had assisted her in a refund matter. The quick-thinking act of your staff has really made my life so much easier! We then got a call from Mr.Raj, the supervisor for the Call Centre and he has settled everything which was bothering my mind and so I would like to gratitude through this email!

Keep up the good job and thank you very much to Mr.Ganesh and Mr.Raj who efficiently and professionally handled my matter. I'm a satisfied customer."

Miss.Geena Yew

" Excellent flight - flew from Subang Skypark (SZB) to Penang (PEN) using their ATR72-600. Nice check-in agent in Subang, and excellent cabin condition. The flight took one hour and they served water and fruit cake slices for that short duration of flight. Overall, it was a comfortable flight experience. Will be flying with their B737-900ER to Kuching next week and looking forward to that."

MR.M Ahmad

" My flight was excellent with smooth check in, large legroom, free snack and the best is we departed from the main airport KLIA2. Keep it up Malindo Air! "

MR.Mohd Noor Muhammad Amir

" In-flight entertainment is available with a personal TV on each seat! Understandably a low cost airline, but in some ways, it does not seem to be 'low cost'."

MR.Patrick Tan

" My first experience with this airline and it was a very good experience. A very comfortable seat with good legroom. Better than Malaysia Airlines narrow body aircarft. Good variety of inflight entertainment. What makes me like this airlines is the interior design, especially the mood lighting, sky interior. Very calm and enjoyable. Just like a full service carrier. Highly recommended. Would fly this airline again."


" My flight was this morning and the check-in staff was courteous, polite. Flight was enjoyably smooth. It started drizzling in Penang and thanks to your ground staff standing by to give out umbrellas, which is much appreciated. Overall, it was a good experience. I'm a frequent flyer with Malindo Air and as a whole I've been very pleased with your service. "

THANK YOU, Malindo Air!


" This is my second time with Malindo Air and it was a better experience than the first. Seats were comfortable as usual. Good legroom. Better cabin crew service, very friendly with smiles and efficiency. Highly recommended. Would fly this airline again."


" I would like to express my gratitude to Malindo Air management for such efficient assistance in searching for my missing luggage. Glad that it has been found. Thank you so much. Really impressed with your service."

MR.Mohammad Irshad

" Thanks a lot for your fast response and assistance on Facebook! I appreciate it! Looking forward to flying with Malindo Air again."

MR.Roger Lieu Toh Choon

" It is my pleasure to write this testimonial to Malindo Air CEO and management to compliment one of your fine team member, Mr. M. Gunasekar, Malindo Air manager based in Kathmandu.

Earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April. On 26th and 27th, I, together with thousands of people, was trapped in an extremely chaotic situation in KTM airport, with a Malindo Air reservation on hand. I went to Malindo Air KTM office to seek help and updates for my reservation, rescheduled flights and missed connections. I was very glad that Mr. Guna was there to help. He was the only trained officer/staff on duty that day in the office. There was also another support staff present that but I don't think he was trained on Ticketing/Reservation.

Despite the chaotic air traffic situation at KTM and lack of manpower and support in the office, Mr. Guna had to handle the constant in-flow of frustrated passengers who had no updated information on their flights and were eager to leave KTM. Even though he had not slept for 48 hours, Mr. Guna showed great dedication to helping all the passengers waiting in line for his assistance. His exhibited great professionalism when multi-tasking as a station manager and ticketing/reservation agent, while simultaneously checking air traffic advisories with various malaysian airlines and authorities in KTM, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. When dealing with customers' complaints, fear and frustrations, Mr Guna was all the time calm and reassuring. I saw many customers leaving Malindo Air office satisfied, reassured, and relieve, despite not knowing the status of their flights due to many uncertainties caused by the earthquake.

I hope that Management of Malindo Air recognizes that you have a great asset in Mr. Guna. Mr. Guna is not only just a staff of Malindo Air.....he is a staff, manager, and leader who has shown great dedication and passion for his job, and he is someone who believes in delivering the highest Quality of Service to the customers of Malindo Air. "

Thank you Mr. Guna!!!!

MR.Kelvin Pow

" I flew to Penang on Thursday morning on the 7.40am flight and was very well treated by your girls. Your stewardess was very kind - told her I had a bad headache. She gave me a glass of warm water and panadol.

On checking in too - your ground staff were very helpful. I mentioned that I am a senior citizen (65 yrs old) and was having a bad headache and they let me go to the front of the queue, so there was no delay in boarding.

For a new airline - I think your staff are doing a good job and they should be commended. Also, I like their uniforms."

MR.Bharathi Naidoo

" I would like to write a testimonial on my appreciation to Lead FA Nicole on her professional service displayed during the trip - flight: OD1175 (PEN-SZB) on 2nd May 2015 at 8.30pm."

Keep it up! Thanks.

MR.Mohd Shaffik Affandi Zainol