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To ensure yourself a worry free trip, try our Malindo Travel Insurance; specifically designed for discerning jetsetters like yourself.

Travel with peace of mind with Great Eastern

Product Benefits

We would like to introduce that for those customers who had purchased Malindo Travel Insurance, will be provided with COVID-19 Financial Assistance Programme, which meant to aid customers who are diagnosed with COVID 19. This program is to be participated for qualified policy holders. This is an initiative from Great Eastern being a socially responsible company to provide financial assistance to our customers diagnosed with COVID-19. This financial assistance programmed will be provided until 31 December 2020, or until exhaustion of the Financial Assistance Limit of RM1mil,whoever comes first.  Please refer to the link below for more details.

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    • War, terrorism, radiation or contamination by radioactivity, nuclear weapons material
    • Suicide or insanity
    • HIV and/or HIV-related illness including AIDS
    • Childbirth, pregnancy, miscarriage or any complications thereof
    • Pre-existing physical or medical conditions, physical or mental defects or infirmity
    • Self-inflicted injury and provoked murder or assault
    • Engaging in dangerous activities
    • Criminal or illegal activities

    Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the policy for the full list of exclusions.


    Policy wording- click here to view and download.

    Personal Data Protection Act - click here to view download.


    Get this plan
    Click purchase travel insurance during your booking stage, purchase at the Malindo Air ticketing offices or you may call our Call Center at +603 - 7841 5388


    Claim for Travel Insurance:

    1) Flight cancelled by Malindo:

    i. This only applicable when Malindo cancels the flights prior to the start of customer’s journey.

    ii. Passenger require to submit the Certificate of Insurance for the travel insurance verification to customer_care @malindoair.com

    iii. If the outbound flight is already flown and the return flights is cancelled by Malindo, this will fall under our normal claim process and GEGM claim team will process once the claim is submitted.

    2) Other claims request regarding travel insurance:

    • For the full list of the required documentation, please refer to our ‘Document Checklist for PA Claim’ at our corporate website.

    • Notify and submit a duly completed and signed Personal Accident claim form together with the supporting documents via the options listed below.

    1. Online submission (Please click here) or;
    2. Give us a call at 1 300 13 1088 or;
    3. Email us at travelclaims@greateasterngeneral.com

    For endorsement or changes on the passenger details.
    • This is only allowed before the start of the customer’s travel journey.
    • This include for those changes on passenger’s name, date of birth, travel dates and departure location.
    • Passenger may email our GEGM Customer Service on the travel date changes to confirm whether if there are any change of premium if there are change in the duration of travel. Standard travel duration is 1-15 days, 16-30 days and 31 to 45 days.

     – For example, if you’re travel duration is 7 days, then you’re in the 1st travel duration period of 1-15 days. So, if as long your travel duration do not exceed total of 15 days, then there will be no change in the premium.

     Steps to follow:
    1. Passenger need to complete the changes/updates on the ticket reservation details.
    2.Then, email GEGM Customer Service GICare-MY@greateasterngeneral.com to update in the Certificate of Insurance with the updated ticket reservation confirmation.